Hi, I'm Dan Braga,

designer & storytelling nerd.

Nice to meet you!

Since 2009 I've been exploring different platforms, technologies and disciplines in order to create storytelling based design for media, brands and digital products across Europe and Latin America. I'm a Master of Science in Design, with experience in motion, UI, editorial, marketing and advertising design.

Amadeus: Lead designer for travel audience Currently based in Berlin, Germany.

Some of my favourite projects

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Brand design system for travel audience

As lead designer, my mission in the travel ad-tech startup is to evolve the visual language in all marketing and comms materials. To implement it in a B2B sales oriented operation, we've been building an organized and consistent platform-agnostic design system... PowerPoint first.

Wait, PowerPoint first?!
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gStack, a tool to empower independent media

Accelerated by Google, our project at Galápagos Newsmaking, kickstarts the development of a content production platform, initially focused on editorial newsletters and education for content creators. As a founding member at Galápagos, I'm forging the visual language of the project and overseeing everything design at the initiative

Breaking news
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Rebrand for Brazil's most traditional soccer media outlet

Published since 1970, Placar is a reference on football, with its iconic covers, posters, photos and guides are the heritage of the most loved national sport... But not mine. I never connected with soccer before, so for this project, I had to deep dive in the soccer culture in order to redesign a brand that honors it history and talk to our national heart.

Game on
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Solidifying the marketing communications of Brazil's largest publishing house

My role as Lead Creative at Editora Abril was to coordinate a team of 16 people, responsible for all of the company creative assets for trade, retail, brand experience and events

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Some of the brands I worked with

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Basement Exhibitions

Check out my visual experimentation work on this dedicated instagram profile


My (formal) professional history

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Design hacker research

During my Masters research, I've combined three important pillars for the justapoxion of design and techonology: the interface design history through the lens of customization, the hacker culture opposing as industrial practices and the jailbreak and smartphone customization communities, unlocking the potential of the devices we own – and love.

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